My handle fell off the top cap. How do I attach it?

It is very easy to reattach the handle onto your Handground grinder.

For the handle, there is a set screw in the top of the handle that locks the handle onto the axle when tightened. You should be able to use the 2mm hex tool that we included with your grinder to tighten the set screw. Make sure to tighten it onto the flat portion of the axle and to tighten it really hard. The last few turns can be a bit stiff.

Even though the screw came loose, allowing your handle to fall off, the screw should still be inside of the handle. If the set screw began coming all the way out then it would come in contact with the top cap and severely damage the top cap when turning the handle.

If the set screw damaged your grinder's top cap please email