Handground Brew Magnet Information

The brew magnet shown above is included with every Handground. It provides a great starting point to choose a grind size and ratio of coffee to water. 

If you try one of the recipes on the magnet and it don't like it, feel free to experiment with something different! For example we published a collection of 66 Aeropress recipes that use grind sizes from very fine to very coarse. 

How to use the Brew Magnet

Step 1. Choose a Brew Method

Each icon on the wheel represents a different brew method. The names for each method are shown next to the icon above.

Step 2: Set the grind size

The numbers on the wheel correspond to the grind settings on Handground. The dot in between each number represents a half step that is in between each number on the Handground adjustment ring. 

You should be able to feel the grinder click into the half step as you turn the adjustment ring, just make sure that there are no beans in it while you are adjusting!

Step 3: Fill up the hopper with coffee beans

The brown ring on the brew magnet represents the amount of coffee that you need. The prefered way to measure coffee is with a scale because coffee beans can vary greatly in density depending on how they were grown, processed and roasted. The first measurement like "17g" represents 17 grams of coffee. 

If you do not have a scale, you can use the measurement marks on the side of the Handground hopper to approximate the amount of coffee that you need. 

Step 4: Water

Once your coffee is ground it's time to add water. The amount of water is represented by the blue ring on the outer edge of the brew magnet. 

If you do not have a scale, it may be beneficial to use a measuring cup to measure out the right volume of water. On the brew magnet volume is represented in oz or fluid ounces or ml for milliliters. 

If you do have a scale, place your brewing device on the scale with ground coffee in it. Tare the scale out to zero and then begin pouring in water. Conveniently, 1ml of water is equal to 1g so you can pour in water until the number of grams equals the ml that is listed on the magnet. 

Step 5: Enjoy

If you are interested to learn more about how the ratios of coffee, water, grind size and steep time work together to make a delicious cup of coffee, check out our Intuitive Guide to Coffee Solubles, Extraction and TDS