My grinder is producing an inconsistent grind

We're sorry to hear you're having issues with grind consistency. The problem might have an easy fix. Try these steps:

1.    Remove the inner burr and take a look at the plastic inserts in the top and bottom of the inner burr. If these pieces are not pressed all the way into the ceramic, they will cause the inner burr to sit crooked on the axle. To level out the top piece, flip the inner burr onto its top and press it firmly on a hard surface.

2.    Turn the grinder to setting 1 and replace the inner burr on the axle. Press it down so that it is touching the outer burr. Screw on the thumbnut as tightly as you can.
3.    If the inner burr is still not sitting straight, remove it again, spin it 180 degrees, and replace on the axle in the opposite direction (The axle has 2 sides, so the burr can only be replaced 2 different ways). Then follow step 2 again to retighten the thumbnut.