When will international Kickstarter and pre-orders ship?

*We no longer accept new orders from locations outside the USA. 

Orders from the following countries have already shipped directly from China: Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Sweden, Brazil, New Zealand, Switzerland, South Korea, Finland, Norway, South Africa, Mexico, China, Russia, Chile, Israel, Iceland, Peru, Colombia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Ireland, India, Ecuador, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines, Macao.

The countries listed below are being fulfilled by local coffee equipment distributor and are expected to be delivered in January: 

Australia - Bombora Coffee 

Canada - Eight Ounce Coffee 

Taiwan - Two Third Corporation

Philippines - Henry and Sons 

Indonesia - Otten Coffee

U.K. - Coffee Hit

Malaysia - 131 Coffee Outlet

Europe (specific countries listed below) - Coffeedesk 

Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, and Turkey