When will my order ship in the US?

*Updated on 12/12/16

If you have ordered in the last 30 days there is nothing further that you need to do for your order to ship. 

If you ordered on Kickstarter or placed a pre-order we have already shipped all black and white grinders. Most of the nickel grinders have been shipped but there are a couple hundred that are still waiting to be checked in at the fulfillment center. 

All the nickel grinders have been delivered to Amazon's fulfillment center and are waiting on their pallets to be "checked in".  Once they are checked in orders can begin shipping out.
We hope the check in will be completed in the next few days so that your grinder ships this week. Unfortunately Amazon does not give us an exact timeline due to extra holiday traffic at the fulfillment center.
You will get a tracking code as soon as your order is on the way.